Finding Inspiration in Rosie the Riveter

Why a group of women took the helm of a grassroots effort to green Richmond, CA

Libby Smith

A Deadly Pig Disease is Spreading Around the World

Swine fever has made its way into China, home to half the world’s pigs. Farmers in Estonia are already counting the cost

Hannah Devlin Christian Davies The Guardian

A Tale of Two Whales

A trip to Baja California drives home the perils of irresponsible whale watching

Helen Raine

How an Ohio Family Surrounded by Shale Gas Plants Forced Companies to Curb Pollution

The Youngs are among 3.25 million Ohioans living within half a mile of oil and gas plants

Leann Leiter

Bug Off!

As climate change creates new habitat for mosquitoes, it’s time to protect yourself and your furry friends

Jessica Myscofski

How Many Dam Bursts Are Too Many?

Many nations are counting on hydropower to meet growing energy needs even as climate change is likely to increase risks

Fiona McAlpine

California Lawmakers Move State Towards 100 Percent Carbon-Free Electricity

Bill passed by Assembly would require complete shift to clean energy by 2045

Oliver Milman The Guardian

Brazil’s Voracious Pesticide Use, Lax Regulation, Pose Significant Health Risk, Say Critics

Threat extends beyond Brazilian farmworkers to consumers around the world

Anna Sophie Gross

Aboriginal Elders Face Off with Uranium Mining Co. in the Australian Outback

With four new mines approved in the Western Desert, the Tjiwarl turn to courts for help

Elizabeth Murray

Nearly 40,000 Giraffe Parts Have Been Imported to the US in Last 10 Years

Researchers from the Humane Society found 52 US locations in which giraffe products continue to be sold

Sam Wolfson The Guardian

Meet the 19th Annual Brower Youth Award Winners

From speaking up against oil pipelines to supporting key pollinators, this year's recipients are galvanizing the environmental movement

Journal Staff

Botswana’s Unique Wilderness Area, Okavango Delta, Faces an Uncertain Future

Conservationists are racing to protect the UNESCO world heritage site's two main source rivers in Angola

Tom Molanphy

Kerala Hit with Worst Flooding in a Century

Intense monsoon rains have led to 350 deaths and displaced 800,000 people in Indian state

Lorne Stockman

Fall Armyworm’s Arrival in India Sparks Fear of its Spread Through Asia

Finding confirms theory that the invasive pest, that’s been decimating crops in Africa, might soon go global

Stephanie Parker

Lion Shaped Mountain: Muddy Travelers

In Sierra Leone, humans and chimpanzees are being pushed closer and closer together

Andrew Halloran

What’s Causing Florida’s Algae Crisis?

Five questions answered about the blooms that are killing fish and threatening public health

Karl Havens