Generating Controversy

Biomass energy has been drawing increasing scrutiny in recent years.

Josh Schlossberg

True Grit

Greenpeace Captain: My Adventures in Protecting
the Future of Our Planet
By Peter Wilcox (with Ronald B. Weiss)
Thomas Dunne Books, 2016, 314 pages

Gerry Wigenbach

Making Peace with Fire

It’s peak wildfire season in the American West. As I write this, firefighters are battling twenty-six active fires across eight of the thirteen Western states, including five in California, where a ...

Maureen Nandini Mitra

Sculpting Hope

Courtney Mattison

Zoe Loftus-Farren

Something Greater Than Myself

I amble down the slope into the fields, plastic bin in hand – for basil, or lettuce, or kale – and descend into the layer of cool, moisture-laden air lingering in the low part of the farm. At the ...

Logan Egan

Letters and Emails

The Population Roadblock “Wild Again” by Paula MacKay and John Davis (Summer 2016) emphasizes how important rewilding efforts and wildlife corridors are to the future of many of our fellow earthli...


Borderlands Cat

Can Mexico Save the US Jaguar?

Richard Mahler

Local News from All Over

photo by Marya FigueroaIn June, Pacific Gas and Electric announced an agreement to close down California’s Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant, and replace the plant’s generating capacity with renew...


In the Pipeline’s Path

The Atlantic Coast Pipeline is one among several projects threatening rural Appalachian landscapes and communities.

William H. Funk

Will the Real Litterbug Please Stand Up?

On October 13, 1953, executives from beer, soda, chewing gum, cigarette, and candy companies, as well as the packaging and chemical industries, launched a new organization: Keep America Beautiful. As ...

Anna Lappé

Life Beyond Coal

Can a tiny Australian coal town reinvent itself?

Jarni Blakkarly

Our Dear Friend, Mark Berman

Earth Island’s International Marine Mammal Project and the dolphins and whales of the world have lost a dear friend and colleague with the passing of Mark Berman on May 13, 2016. We at IMMP are deva...

The International Marine Mammal Project

Climate Evangelist

Bob Inglis

Maureen Nandini Mitra

New Leaders Initiative

Meet the 17th Annual Brower Youth Award Winners


To Keep a River Running

Deep in the Amazon’s central basin, one tribe is holding back the seemingly inexorable march of development.

Robert Walker

The War Against Wildfire

Forests in the American West have been shaped by fires. So why do we continue to fight them?

George Wuerthner

Cross-Country Cougar

Heart of a Lion: A Lone Cat’s Walk Across America
By William Stolzenburg
Bloomsbury, 2016, 256 pages

Ben Goldfarb